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Back Office Services

Employer of record, unlimited payroll funding, payroll processing, workers compensation insurance, healthcare, billing and payments, and much more.

Monetize Staffing

Seven ways to monetize the talent supply chain, share, and earn.

Monetize Network

Staffing and ancillary revenue sharing produced by your network.


iThrive securely calculates, publishes, bills, collects, deposits and distributes accrued commissions to members worldwide.

Team Rooms

Team Rooms are private Job and Contact Matches chat rooms for Placement Team members to collaborate, track placement activities, and share files.

Commission Summary

Review your earned commissions on iThrive, with full access to lifetime and monthly commission pages.


Match yourself to jobs and earn the Matchmaker commission if hired.


Store all types of files online – including resumes, references, offer letters, and audio files. Stay organized in the cloud and access secure information from anywhere.

Sequential Linkage

Contacts joining iThrive without an invitation will be sequential linked to members based on their activation date and premium plan. The cycle will repeat ad infinitum long as you are a premium member.

1X, 2X, and 3X provides you with 1, 2, or 3 new members before the sequential linkage advances.


Track your commissions in great detail based on your production and that of your network, with full access to payments, full-time billings, and temporary billings pages.