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How iThrive Works


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Invite your contacts, connect, network, and earn when they do.

How Everyone Wins

Hiring companies and schools save 80% off their placement fees.

Staffing firms and independent recruiters increase their reach and income by 80%.

Channel partners and individuals earn 80% of what they produce and more.

Together everyone achieves more.

iThrive is powered by people and combines the best features of leading marketplaces with a social network by bringing the sharing economy to the $600 billion global staffing industry.

By sharing and long-term relationship building on iThrive, results and satisfication are increased for everyone.

The iThrive platform helps unleash collaboration by empowering sharing.

Why Use iThrive


Personalized service that members provide one another is your competitive advantage for finding and filling jobs.

Maximum Value

Everyone in the shared staffing process wins, while companies save money, staffing firms and independent recruiters increase income, and channel partners and individuals earn money.

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Billings and payments are securely processed on iThrive, on time and guaranteed.